Dhrumil Mayur Mehta

Dhrumil Mayur Mehta

Learning DApp development - Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of this journey.

Today I read the second chapter of the book: Mastering Ethereum - Ethereum basics.

In the second chapter, I learned how to interact with Ethereum and its contracts using the Metamask wallet. I received some test ethers using the Ropsten test network faucet and used it to deploy a smart contract that functions as a faucet. The smart contract can receive money from anyone, and anyone can withdraw test ethers from it.

New concept learned:

  • How to use Etherscan to explore transactions and contracts on different Ethereum networks.
  • Every time you interact with a smart contract, its code is executed in the EVM, and you pass a data field representing which function you want to call.

If you're reading this, thank you.