Dhrumil Mayur Mehta

Dhrumil Mayur Mehta

Superfans - Be the biggest fan of your favorite celebrity.

ETHOdyssey hackathon just got ended last Sunday. Here's what I submitted:

Have you ever been a fan of some celebrity? Shahrukh Khan? Cristiano Ronaldo? There are thousands and millions of fans of your favorite celebrities other than you. So how do you stand out and show to the world that you're their biggest fan? Or should I say: a Superfan?

Superfans is an NFT marketplace where fans can buy "superfan spots" of their favorite celebrities. For every celebrity, there are only 6 superfan spots:

  • Platinum: for the biggest superfan in the world
  • Gold: for two bigger fans after the Platinum superfan.
  • Silver: for three big fans after the two Gold superfans.

Once the superfan spot is bought, the superfan can show it off to the world that they're one of the top 6 fans of that celebrity. And don't worry, we have a blockchain entry standing as a proof for that. Superfans can also sell their superfan spot if they need to, for a price of their choice.

Currently the website is in very early stage. You will Metamask connectivity to actually be able to use it and see things around.

Superfans website


Please let me know your thoughts on this project.

If you're reading this, thank you.